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The Good Nurse available on Netflix: N.J. serial killer exposes the inhumanity of the our health care system

The Good Nurse

Charles Cullen-The Good Nurse watches with a sigh of pain as staff from the hospital try to help the patient.

He’s always on hand whenever individuals “code,” or go into cardiac arrest.

It’s because he’s prescribed the patients drugs that made their hearts stop.

As a seasoned “The Good Nurse” with the appropriate credentials, the killer flies almost unnoticed through rooms for patients and dispensaries of medicine to commit murder without a trace.

The subject on ” The Good Nurse,” the Netflix film is based on the actual tale of his grisly time as a hospital-sanctioned serial killer does not revolve around the production the story of Charles Cullen.

What’s factual and what’s fiction In “The Good Nurse

The film, which is currently playing in select theaters and slated to premiere on Oct. 26th on Netflix The story is about the system of health care. Which allowed him to become among the top serial killer in the history of mankind.

“The Good Nurse” may appear to be a novel take on a true crime tale however. It’s horror-oriented — one that doesn’t make us feel relieved because the perpetrator has been caught.

New Jersey knows the premise well: The nurse who killed the victim was a nurse. Who moved from hospital to hospital killing patients in hospitals in the Garden State and Pennsylvania. Before signing a plea of guilty to murdering 29 people in his 16 years of work. The number of victims is believed to be only a small portion of the true number -the real number is much higher. Cullen may be the cause of hundreds of deaths between the years 1988 and 2003.

The Good Nurse Fact

It’s the different numbers, those that are next to dollar signs on hospital budgets as well as that bottom line which are huge throughout “The Good Nurse.”

Filmmaker Tobias Lindholm (the Oscar-nominated Danish film “A War”) and screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns (an Oscar-nominated screenwriter in the film “1917”) tell a story adapted from the 2013 book. ” The Good Nurse The Good Nurse: A True Story of Madness, Medicine and murder,” by Charles Graeber.

We know the reason for the deaths of Cullen’s numerous victims is typically overdoses of insulin or the heart drug digoxin. Cullen would administer the medication via injections or by placing them in IV bags. The tools used in his job are weapons in his arsenal.

However, how could all these hospitals have failed to stop Cullen?

Meet The Good Nurse, the hero who was instrumental in putting N.J. serial killer Charles Cullen behind bars

Why did it need another nurse — Amy Loughren played with deeply emotional conviction and compassion in the film by Oscar award-winning Jessica Chastain (” The Eyes of Tammy Faye”) -to speak out against the institutional cover-ups and take on the job of a nurse to prevent him from killing another?

She was determined to follow the rules all while the folks who were in charge pushed Cullen onto an upcoming medical facility as an uninvolved hand-me-down.

Then, in real-life, Loughren met Cullen who is currently serving life-long sentences consecutively in New Jersey State Prison -employed as an assistant nurse for the Somerset Medical Center where he was responsible for the murder of 13 patients.

“The Good Nurse “The Good Nurse,” Eddie Redmayne plays Cullen when he begins his new job alongside Loughren during the night shift of Parkfield Memorial Hospital. Parkfield Memorial Hospital.

The non-chalant Charlie shifts from a an unassuming shift worker to an utterly uncomfortable appearance under the hands of Redmayne may be the main threat in the film However, it’s Amy’s condition that is at risk right from the start.

It is clear that this ICU nurses is facing the fear of dying within her body when the self-appointed grim reaper turns up to make sure she is in good spirits.

Prior to patients beginning to code all over her — because of Charlie’s arrivalthe sounds of the nurse’s sighs are a reminder of their terror.

Concentrating the story on Amy as well as her relationships with Charlie provides a solid entry into the story.

How can filmmakers convey the magnitude of nearly 400 people who died during the career of the killer nurse?

The idea here is not to present a large number of victims, but to show only a handful of murders to demonstrate that everything required to enable Cullen to murder without fear of punishment was not just within his reach as a result of a bigger issue.

But Cullen did not discriminate. When patients were suffering from illness, he took them out of their lives. If they were improving and expected to be out of the hospital within a few days then he also did it.

Amy’s frantic breaths reveals the fragility of health and life. And sets the stage for the destruction caused by Charlie’s actions.

The other problems in the movie are those resulted from the health healthcare system in general as well as the hospitals in which Amy and Charlie are so often.

Hospital administrators write over and cover up suspicious incidents. Which are worthy of an investigation and inquiry — with a clear appearance of self-interest.

Detectives Danny Baldwin (Nnamdi Asomugha) and Tim Braun (Noah Emmerich) are based on real detectives bearing identical names. In the Somerset County Prosector’s Office, appear to request access to a deceased body hospital staff explain to them that their patient or victim, is already released to the family and buried. The moment police arrive (the hospital claims that it is their “internal investigation” for taking too long). It’s too late to look over the body’s evidence.

Cullen’s past

When they look into Cullen’s past, they’re denied access by other hospitals seeking to hide their own misdeeds. It’s not an easy task as hospital executives are constantly seeking to intimidate any person. Who thinks of making a statement. When investigators question staff, an employee from the administration is there. To ensure that they aren’t saying something that can be helpful to the police.

Should Amy decides to contact authorities on her own she’ll ignore bosses. Who warn that this could be breach of contract. It isn’t feasible to lose her job.

The most shocking thing is that Amy takes care of the health of other people throughout the night. A doctor has advised that the nurse is in need of a heart transplant. She must inform her daughters that they could be suffering from stroke. It’s not a good idea to work. Two strikes on the American health care systemwhich makes the sick suffer even more to make ends meet.

Amy is a single mom who is forced to pay out of pocket for a test of $1,000 and doctor’s appointment. And all the while carrying the load of her gruelling night job. Additionally, she has to pay someone else to watch her children who will go to school on the day she’s returning from work.

“The Good Nurse Eddie Redmayne, the star of the film, is acknowledged for his the truth behind his N.J. story

Therefore, when Charlie who is a highly skilled nurse, arrives to help, she gladly takes the lifeline.

Amy is quick to welcome the newcomer into her life as a new friend. In the next few days, he’s helping with her patients as well as in her home taking care of her two daughters, Maya (Devyn McDowell) and Alex (Alix West Lefler). He is determined to help the exhausted nurse obtain health insurance and encourages her to persevere. She can finish the mandatory four months (in real life, Loughren did have health insurance. However, as a traveling nurses. She would be at risk of losing both insurance and her job when she had to take leave for medical reasons).

Therefore, when patients at Parkfield suddenly die regardless of whether it’s a 77-year-old woman. With an amoxicillin-related reaction or mother to a new baby, Amy never thinks to think about Charlie.

In addition, she argues that no hospital would have hired him if he had an issue, would he?

The evidence (doses or double medication mistakesultimately lead she to her truth.

In the meantime, the seasoned nurse has become impervious to her gaze. Charlie is a skilled and proficient with his work. And by all appearances, is a compassionate nurse. That’s why his conduct is alarming.

Charlie claim

Charlie claims he is concerned about the dignity of his patients, even when they die. But when he walks up to the body of the deceased woman. It’s evident that there’s something else going on.

Yet, “The Good Nurse” is not as interested in Cullen’s motives. The film allows the audience to ask questions to suspended in air. A different method casts a bigger shadow:

What made them allow him to get away with this?

If Charles Cullen, a nurse responsible for helping patients remain alive, did the unimaginable, not just once, but on a nearly daily basis. Then why there weren’t suspicions — – and there were plenty and a lot of them significantly earlier?

Amy is horrified to learn that her friend is a serial killer. That is horrified she’s allowed him to be near their children.

However, it’s all in the forms as well as in the logs of medications dispensed. Amy utilizes to aid the police trace a straight path to Charlie.

That’s why the hospital’s shocking negligenceand the failure of all hospitals before this one — so alarming.

“The Good Nurse,” with a rating of R for language lasts 2 hours and 1 minute. The film is currently playing in select theaters, and will be available on Oct. 26 at Netflix.

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