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LeBron James’ missed buzzer-beater cost the Lakers in a loss against Trail Blazers as ‘Dame Dolla” shines Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James missed a buzzer-beater opportunity to draw the game to tie it. While Los Angeles Lakers lost 106-104 to Portland Trail Blazers. Los Angeles Lakers were defeated 106-104 by Portland Trail Blazers, taking the LA Lakers’ overall record to just 0-3.

It was a night that’s hard to remember in the case of Russell Westbrook. Who followed up his two-point scoring performance with the LA Clippers on Thursday with 10 points, including 2 missed attempts in the final second of the game on Sunday.

Both missed shots were penalized by a masterful Damian Lillard. Whose three-pointers made the game a lot easier for the Lakers.

James who ended the game with 31 points 8 assists, 8 rebounding, two steals, and two blocks, did not critique his teammates.

“I’m not to accomplish this,” James said after the game. “[Westbrookhad some great chances but wasn’t able to take them down. On defense, we weren’t able to get several stops in a row.”

After a lead of 10-2 after a 10-point lead, the Lakers immediately lost their game and ended the first quarter with eight points.

Despite a solid defensive performance however, the Lakers weren’t able to get their feet in the paint. They finished the first half with a score of 1-16 from the three-point line and a deficit of 55-48.

They came back during the 3rd quarter and increase the score to 78-83 due for Anthony Davis who dominated the paint scoring 10 of his points.

However, the Lakers were unable to keep grip on their lead. In the last five minutes they Trail Blazers erased an eight-point deficit to emerge in the lead with Lillard who scored 41 points in the game in the final quarter, slapping each Lakers mistakes and scoring 12 points in the fourth quarter.

After his step-back three-pointer that put in the Trail Blazers up by two, James responded with an easy dunk. The result make on the Trail Blazers 104-106.

James attempted a step-back of his own but, due to Lillard playing well in the block. James failed to score the crucial two-pointer.

Despite the disappointing result, James had another record-breaking night. As James beat Karl Malone for the most 20-point games played in the NBA with 1,134.

The night was however focused on Lillard who had consecutive games with 41 points. As well as added to his Trail Blazers’ winning start the seasonto thethree games.

Lillard averages 34 points and is making 47.1 percent of his shots. He also scores 36.4 percent from three-point range.

“Obviously, Dame is back and is pretty much taking the league to task,” said Portland coach Chauncey Billups, following the game. “Dame was Dame throughout the game.”

Although they lost the game, it showed an improvement from the Lakers who attempt to forget about the woes from last season. When they didn’t make it to the playoffs.

Davis was virtually impossible to stop in the paint. James broke records, and their defense was as good as it’s been in quite some time.

It’s outside the paint the team is letting themselves down and Westbrook isn’t the only player to fail in the distance. After three games the team has averaged 21.2 percent from the three-point line. It has only scored six points from 33 shoots against Trail Blazers.

The Lakers have had a tough beginning to their season is continuing. When they take on Denver to face the Nuggets who defeated the Warriors and appear to be one of the top team within the West.

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