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Houston Offshore Accident Lawyer Offshore Injuries
An Offshore accident attorney will fight for your rights every time you are injured in an accident at any kind of vessel that is on the Sea. The incident could occur on a vessel of any kind, or the offshore platforms, the dock, or in an aircraft that transports crew members from land to.

It is essential to choose an Houston attorney for offshore accidents who will investigate the case to determine who’s responsible and the law that applies. Contact Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury & Accident Offshore Accident Lawyer to receive a no-cost consultation about your claim for injury in the Offshore Accident Lawyer.

We work on a contingent fee basis which means that you do not have to pay up front and you pay there are no attorney fees unless we get a profit for you.
Examining claims for Offshore-related Injury
Oil rig inspection.

To determine which law is applicable You need Offshore Accident Lawyer that can thoroughly examine the claims. Furthermore, in cases of serious injuries it is impossible to tell the story more than visiting the scene and performing an examination.

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. we are able to investigate the incident and also retain and bring in experts if needed to gain an accurate picture of the causes for an incident.

What laws apply to an Offshore accident?

There’s a vast body of federal and state law that applies to claims for offshore accidents. They include:Act for Harbor Workers and Longshoremen

  • Jones Act
  • State Personal Injury Law
  • Federal Tort Claims.
  • Navigating this law without an attorney for offshore accidents will be like trying navigate the oceans without a map.
  • The Longshoremen’s Act and the Harbor Workers” Compensation Act

Offshore drilling rig

Under section 43 United States Code, section 1333 (subsection (b) as well as (c), Congress extended the Longshoremen’s and Harbor Workers Compensation Act to encompass employees who are not “master members” of any vessel or crew that is employed within the Outer Continental Shelf In the exploration and extraction of the natural resource.

It permits the compensation of the death or disability that occurs when working in navigable waters within the United States.

Jones Act

The Jones Act provides certain protections for workers working on sea vessels that include jack-up rigs as well as oil rigs not connected on the sea floor, such for floating oil drilling rigs or drillships.

But, in contrast to all other areas of law there is a lower burden to show in the Jones law is less than that of a normal.

Offshore Accident Lawyer accidents 

Some of the accidents covered by the Jones Act are:

  • Oil Rig Accident
  • Oil Tanker Ship Accident
  • Drillship Accident
  • Cruise Ship Accident
  • Riverboat Accident
  • Barge Accident
  • Shrimp Boat Accident
  • Tug Boat Accident
  • state Personal Injury Law

The offshore injury which do not fall under the above regulations are covered under the law of personal injury in the state. The law in the state that applies is usually determined by the distance to the incident. Because laws vary from state to state , and the above Acts could also be applicable, you must consult an offshore injury Offshore Accident Lawyer to find out what avenues of recovery are open to you.

The Statute of Limitations In Offshore Accidents

The Statute of limitations is a time limit by which your injury claim/suit must be filed or else you lose the possibility of bringing it. Since offshore injuries could be covered by distinct Federal or State law The statute of limitations can also vary. It is recommended to consult with an attorney for offshore injuries immediately to establish your rights and restrictions.

No Win, No Fee

With Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. There is no cost to you an amount unless we achieve the necessary recovery for you. The initial consultation in the Houston office or via the telephone is free. Call us today to speak to an attorney from offshore who will advocate for your interests now at 1-800-198-0111.

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