Leslie Jordan death | How did leslie jordan die

Leslie Jordan Death

Leslie Jordan, beloved comedian and actor best known for his role in “Will and Grace” has passed away the agent of his announced.

He was 67 years old.

“The world would be more dark today without the warmth and joy from Leslie Jordan. He was not only an incredible talent and a joy to be around, but he also gave a sense of peace to the nation in one of the most difficult times. Whatever he didn’t have in height but made up for with kindness and excellence as a brother, son comedian, artist as well as a human being. The knowledge that he gone to the peak of both his personal and professional lives is the sole peace one can get now,” Sarabeth Schedeen, Jordan’s agent for talent made an email to CNN.

How did Leslie Jordan die

“Beyond his abilities Leslie’s ability to bring happiness to the people who he touched. His capacity to connect with all age groups and his kindness, humility and sweetness will be greatly missed by allof us,” his lawyer Eric Feig said in a statement.

Jordan suffered injuries in a collision with a car the morning of Monday in Hollywood. Later died on the spot as per the LA County coroner, who identified Jordan as a spokesperson from The LA Fire Department.

Jordan’s relocation to Hollywood

in his book “My Trip Down the Pink Carpet,” Jordan documented his journey of Tennessee in 1982 to Hollywood from 1982. Jordan “boarded the Greyhound bus headed to LA with $1200 sewn in his pants. Never returned,” a publisher’s description of the book reads.

The actor appeared on the television screen in shows like “The Fall Guy,”” “Designing Women” and “The People Next Door.”

Jordan played the character in the role of Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram in the award-winning production “Sordid Lives” which was reprised by Jordan in the independent film of 2000 adaptation.

Leslie Jordan car accident

Megan Mullally and Leslie Jordan in “Will and Grace” starring Megan Mullally and Leslie Jordan.”Tina Thorpe/NBC/Getty Images

He was a fan favorite for his role as Karen’s best friend Beverley Leslie in “Will and Grace.” He was also seen in “American Horror Story” as well as “The Cool Kids.”

His shining star shined even more at the height in the outbreak as his online following began to grow via Instagram, garnering him millions of followers.

This platform was also a space where Jordan wrote about his challenges as well as family and memories.

Jordan spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his past addiction to drugs and his recovery for over 20 years.

“People ask, ‘How do you become sober? Jordan said “What’s the most effective method?” . “Yeah Well, you can spend 120 days in jail at Los Angeles. This will help you get sober.”

In one blog post, Jordan recalled a guard who was sympathetic to his feelings about Jordan’s dislike of incarceration. Jordan disliked prison, and told him there was Robert Downey Jr. (who years ago was the subject of headlines due to some minor snafuss in the court) in prison and would soon be releasing Jordan and granting Downey Jr. his bed.

“Pod A Cell 13, the top bunk” Jordan recalled. “I believe I am responsible for the majority the Robert Downey Jr.’s success. Honey I provided him with an apartment.”

His most recent post on Instagram was his singing a song with musician Danny Myrick on Sunday.

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