How to recover deleted files in powerpoint

Loss of an deleted PowerPoint file or the accidental deletion of it from your Mac is a painful experience.

Deleted PowerPoint

There are numerous reasons this issue can occur. No one is safe from this. The good news is that, even if your deleted PowerPoint is lossed. You can retrieve it.

Available Features

The program that can recover permanently deleted files is useful in the right way. In some cases, the most efficient software for data recovery will not help in recovering deleted PowerPoint files on Mac. In order to do this, you should benefit from the AutoRecover feature or search for the saved PowerPoint presentation within your temp folder.

Most of the time, users are unable to figure out to retrieve deleted PowerPoint documents on a Macbook. However, these four methods can help you solve the problem in just only a few minutes.

Method 1: AutoRecover deleted PowerPoint

Every single one of Microsoft Office applications comes with an outstanding feature. It allows you to recover the files that were lost as a result of an unexpected shutdown or system crash. The main advantage of this choice is that it functions entirely by itself and will display itself during the very first PowerPoint launch after the loss of information. The only thing you’ve had to do was launch the file that was lost and save the document on your Mac.

AutoRecover is set for saving your presentation every 10 mins. You can change the frequency by navigating to your preferences:

  • Open PowerPoint Then, go to the PowerPoint menu, then choose Preferences.
  • Click Save.
  • Select the duration you wish the program to backup your files in the Save AutoRecover Details box.

Method 2: Software for deleted PowerPoint

Data recovery software is able to find PowerPoint slide that macOS isn’t able to view because of the fact that they have been deleted. There are numerous software tools to retrieve files that are suitable to data recovery for Mac documents at no cost and many include features that are easy to use and designed to ensure that regular Mac users are able to figure them out with little assistance.

Here’s an illustration that shows how PPT recovery works together with software, one of the most popular applications to recover data on Mac:

1. Installation and downloading of Software on Mac

At first you must install Software and then install the software onto your Mac by dropping the app into the Applications folder. Software is a simple program that does not need lots of space for storage.

2. The scanning Your Mac to find deleted files

After that, open the program and wait for it to take a second to identify the different storage devices linked to your Mac. Click Recover next to the device on which the PPT files are kept to begin the analysis.

3. Filter the Scan Results:

Once the software has finished taking a scan of the disk you can filter out the scan’s results to display only the relevant documents. It is also possible to narrow the results of the scan. It will only show documents that are of a certain size. It also shows documents deleted in the past several weeks, days as well as years.

4. Choose the deleted PowerPoint Files

If you use PowerPoint files frequently, you’re likely to come across software that can come across a number of these. They include deleted PowerPoint files as well as Automatic Recover deleted PowerPoint file types as well as many other. Instead of restoring them all click the preview icon and select specific PPT file types you want to retrieve.

5. Retrieve your deleted PowerPointFiles

When you’ve got the PPT files that are missing and saved, you’ll be able choose the Recover option. Choose the directory you want to recover. To get the best results from recovery, ensure you choose an alternative storage device different from the one you’re recovering your PPT file.

Method 3: MacOS temp folders

However, it’s not typical to locate deleted PowerPointfiles that are placed in the temp folder. It’s worthwhile to take a an examination of macOS temp folders since they only take just two minutes.

If you’re unaware of the temp folder, you’re in for a shock. It’s a separate section on your Mac that is where your operating system and applications store temporary files. However, it’s not uncommon to discover them within the temp directory following a abrupt shutdown or failure of the system.

There are three folders you can search in to locate the contents in PowerPoint presentations: deleted PowerPoint presentations:

  • /tmp
  • /var/tmp

It is this only one that is open. Just enter these commands into your terminal: Open the $TMPDIR folder.

4. Method: Recover deleted PowerPoint From Time Machine Backup 

Time Machine is a built-in backup tool that’s available for all Macs. If you’ve ever used this software to backup your files. It is possible to avail of of the backup software versions available to recover a deleted PowerPoint presentation.

Follow these steps to retrieve a lost PPT file on your Mac by using the Time Machine:

  • Connect the drive that stores every one backups of Time Machine backups to your Mac. If you used an internal drive to store your backups, don’t skip the next step
  • Choose your Time Machine icon on the menu bar. It’s located at upper right of your screen. Then select Enter Time Machine
  • Navigate through the directories.
  • Use the arrows as well as the timeline to the right to choose the backup version you require
  • To see previews of files, choose the file and then hold the Space-bar keys
  • Choose the PPT file you want and click Restore
  • The deleted PowerPoint presentation will be put into the same folder that it was previously stored prior to deletion

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