Fracking ban back The fracking ban is back

The ban on fracking has been reinstated.

The reintroduction of the ban on Fracking is an “fantastic victory for common sense.” Campaigners claimed as Rishi Sunak reversed the previous green-lighting of the controversial energy source.

The fracking ban is back

The UK premier’s official spokesperson said that Mr Sunak was determined to implement the prohibition on fracking. That was outlined in the 2019 manifesto for general elections after being questioned. About the issue during his first Prime Minister’s Question.

The PM also told the Commons that he “stands by” the manifesto that stated. That the Conservative party would not back Fracking until the scientific evidence proves clearly that it is possible to do so safely.


It was apparent at the start in the calendar year 10 years of debate over the fracking industry in Fracking England.

Certain Tory MPs with potential areas for fracking in their districts.

Unsettling scenes during the outcome of a vote to the table by Labour on the subject last week contributed to the demise of Ms Truss.

On whether he’d alter the green signal granted to fracking by Liz Truss, pointing to his promise to correct her mistakes. Stick to the manifesto for 2019.


“So, if he is a man of his word, will he start by reversing the green light she gave to fracking.

The Prime Minister responded: “I have already said I stand by the manifesto on that.”

Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Danny Gross said: “This is an incredible victory for good sense. The environment and the local communities across nation that have been able to stand up to the dangers.

“The government must now focus on real solutions to the energy crisis including a street-by-street home insulation programme and developing the UK’s huge potential of onshore wind and solar energy production.”


Sam Hall, director of the Conservative Environment Network said. “It is not popular, and very few communities would support Fracking in their local communities.

“Instead the government should concentrate on building cheaper and widely used renewable energy sources, including onshore solar and wind where there is local community support.

“These technologies will bring down bills, improve energy sovereignty and reduce emissions.”


However, shadow climate secretary and net zero Secretary Ed Miliband said the Tories were not trustworthy on the issue.

“Last week Rishi Sunak voted against Labour’s ban. However his representatives this week inform us that he’s in favour for the moratorium that is temporary on Fracking contained in the Conservative manifesto.

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