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Darrell Brooks found guilty of murdering 6 people by crashing an SUV during the 2021’s Christmas parade

Darrell Brooks- An Wisconsin man was found guilty on of murdering 6 people while injuring hundreds of others as the man drove his vehicle through a Christmas celebration which concluded an investigation in which he tried to defend himself using absurd legal theories and bizarre eruptions.

The jury took just under three hours before finding Darrell Brooks guilty of all 76 charges, which includes six counts of intentional first degree killing.

Criticism of the judge

Darrell Brooks quiet manner of conduct was quite a contrast from the previous days of the trial, where his often outraged behavior drew criticism of the judge.

The judge Jennifer Dorow scheduled a hearing Monday in order to determine the date for sentencing. The families of victims and the victims will be required to provide statements at that time.

Darrell Brooks took the Ford Escape into the Christmas parade in Waukesha in suburban Milwaukee on November. 21st, 2021. shortly after fleeing the scene of a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend. Prosecutors claimed.

Six victims died

Six victims died, among them eight-year-old Jackson Sparks, who was participating in the parade along alongside his team from baseball and three other members from the Dancing Grannies, a group of grandmothers who dance during parades. Several others were injured and some were severely.

The tragedy deeply impacted the 70,000-strong community around 16 miles (25 kilometers) to the west of Milwaukee. The community members erected memorials for the deceased and held funerals.

Laurie Hogeland

Laurie Hogeland, a friend of several parade participants spoke to reporters in front of the courthouse following the decision that justice had been done.

“It was a brief moment of relief,” she declared. “But, then all the pain comes back. The pain comes back.”

Darrell Brooks admitted not to be in the matter of mental illness earlier this year, but then retracted his plea prior to the start of his trial without giving any reason.

A few days before the trial began the judge dismissed his public defenders, choosing to represent himself, despite the overwhelming evidence against the defendant. Paradegoers and police officers have testified that they witnessed Darrell Brooks driving the SUV. District Attorney Susan Opper presented several photos of Brooks driving the car to the jury.

Brooks principal defense

Brooks principal defense argument was that the sovereign state was his right and that echoes the idea that each person is a sovereign citizen and not restricted by the government. He was unable to accept the jurisdiction of the court over him and refused to sign the court’s own demands, jumped into a series of rambling cross-examinations and in his snarky voice, he claimed that the trial was unfair.

At several times, she moved him to a different courtroom so that they could observe the proceedings through video and she was able to turn off his microphone if he was disruptive.

Jury instructions

In another instance he constructed a barricade from his legal documents and concealed behind it.

Opper said to jurors during her closing arguments on Tuesday she believed Darrell Brooks refusal to stop after he had began to march on the parade grounds shows that he had a plan to kill people.

Wisconsin State Patrol

Dorow permitted Darrell Brooks to return to the main courtroom to present his closing remarks to jurors face-to-face. In a long, rambling speech, he attempted question whether the vehicle’s throttle was malfunctioning and whether the driver was in a panic. He complained that he’s never seen his children since being arrested and insisted that he was not murderer.

Opper responded that she was a Wisconsin State Patrol vehicle inspector previously testified that the vehicle was in good condition. She cautioned jurors that Darrell Brooks tried to get their sympathies.

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