What Is Police Harassment?

Police Harassment

The job of legal enforcement agents is to uphold the law however that does not confer the right to do so without regard to the law. They must also adhere to the rules and regulations set in the constitution and provide people with certain rights. If officers violate the laws and overreach their authority They are usually … Read more

What Is an Ankle Monitor?

Ankle Monitor

An ankle watch is a wristband-like device that sends data about the wearer’s health to a monitoring center located in a remote location. The information is usually relayed through radio transmission or global location systems (GPS) technology. Ankle monitor system Certain models have sensors built in that notify authorities if the user attempts to take them … Read more

What is Aircraft Hijacking?

Aircraft Hijacking

The act of aircraft hijacking is a criminal act whereby people take the control of an aircraft. It is typically regarded as an act of terrorist acts and can result in stiff legal penalties. Sometimes referred to as skyjacking, the act poses danger in the protection of those aboard the plane, and also those at ground. The aim of … Read more

What is the difference in Common Law and Case Law?

Common law

“Common law” and the law of case are essentially the identical meanings in a number of legal systems, such as that in the United States. The common law body is comprised of a variety of cases from various courts across the nation. This law is legally binding, until a higher court rules against it, or the legislature makes an act … Read more

How To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer

Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer assists those who have suffered injuries due to negligence or an accident of another person. The claim can be brought against companies, individuals or government organizations. If you’ve suffered an injury and require assistance it is important to locate an experienced personal injury attorney who will help you receive the compensation you’re due. … Read more