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Android users are notified of the earthquake just before California earthquake

Although many people across California experienced the effects of a slight seismic event Tuesday, a few smartphone users actually had an alert before the earthquake occurred because of technology developed by Berkeley at the University of California, Berkeley.

Why is it important: Android warned users just a few minutes before the earthquake. However, experts believe that the technology will eventually allow the people enough time to locate shelter or take protect themselves.

What is it? Researchers from Berkeley developed an application named MyShake that provides an instant earthquake warning by detecting the signs of an earthquake prior to when they begin to be felt. Imagine it as if lightning is visible ahead of hearing the thunder.

  • The app runs on iPhone and Android however Google declared in 2020 that it will integrate Berkeley’s technology direct into Android which would allow a greater number of users to gain.

Like many times after earthquakes the people were on Twitter following an earthquake. Magnitude 5.1 earthquake. Some users had reported seeing an alert before others.

  • “Got the alert for earthquakes in my Android phone just a couple of seconds before I felt the,” Google’s Dieter Bohn declared in an Twitter post.
  • Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai also tweeted about the alert.

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